Looking for a Rental Property?


Finding a home to rent can be exciting and daunting with many stages to the process. 

Here at Bentley Realty we have a friendly competent team of staff who understand the rental industry well to assist you. 

They will work hard to make sure you find the right home for you, in the right location for you, within your budget and time scale.

It is important that we understand your needs so that we can find the right home for you.  We will take into account what type of property you are seeking to rent and where, and also when you need the property.  We endeavour to find the perfect property that will meet all of your needs.  We will arrange inspections which are suitable for you and ensure that you are accompanied each inspection to assist you and answer any queries you may have.

When you have chosen the property to rent you will be given an Application Form and what documents we need from you to carry out referencing checks.  Upon successful completion of referencing and approval we begin to prepare further documentation such as an Entry condition report, Tenancy Agreement prior to signing up date.  

On the signing up day you will need to have 4 weeks rent for Bond Lodgement and 2 weeks rent in advance. ie:a total of 6 weeks rent ready for sign up day.   An allotted time is arranged for documentation presentation and all parties on the lease are to be present to go through documentation, view Entry photos, sign documents and finally receive your keys to property.  This procedure is strictly adhered to with each rental placement.


Office Hours for RENTAL matters Tuesday to Friday 9am to 4pm 

Regular office hours: Tuesday to Thursday 9am to 5pm & Friday 9am to 4pm.


BENTLEY REALTY:  Tenancy Application Form

ph 4652 1090    fax 46524902               

email:  officewondah@gmail.com                           

Please ensure that all sections of this application are filled and photocopy of ID and other documents supplied.  


Applicant’s Name_____________________________________________________________        

Date of application  ____/____/____              

Address applying for_________________________________ Lease time required _________                 ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

PERSONAL DETAILS:  One application form per adult.   


Names / ages of any children                                                                                                                


Pets & Type                                                                                                                                         

Home Ph                                                             Mobile Ph:                                                 Work Ph              

Email:                                                                     Licence No                                               DOB__/__/____                  

Next of Kin – (Not your partner)                                                                                                            

Next of Kin - Address

Phone/mobile                                            Relationship to you:                           (This is for emergencies only)


CURRENT TENANCY DETAILS:        Must have agency names, location and phone nos. email

 Your Current Address Now is….
Length of time at current address:___________________________ Rent Paid $__________                

 Reason for Leaving­­___________________________________________________________                  

Name of Landlord/Agent______________________________________________________                                                                                                                      
Phone_____________________________ Email:___________________________________                                                                                                                                

PREVIOUS Rental History:

Previous Address:___________________________________________ Rent Paid $________                    

Length of time at current address:________________                                                                                  

Reason for leaving_____________________________________________________________

Name of Landlord/Agent ______________________________________________________                                                                                                                     
Phone:______________________________ Email:__________________________________                                                                              



Have you ever been evicted?                               Yes   No                   

Are you in debt with another Agent / Owner         Yes   No
If so - Why_______________________________________________________________________



Housekeeping:  just a few general questions:

  1. Do you enjoy or like maintaining a garden?                      Yes     No
  2. Do you own a lawnmower in good working order?            Yes     No
  3. Do you own a vacuum cleaner in good working order?     Yes     No


CURRENT EMPLOYMENT DETAILS   - all details must be filled out

Occupation:                                                                      Current Employer                                         

Employers Address                                                            Phone                                                         

Email                                                                           Length of Employment                                      
Net weekly take home pay  $__________
Net weekly income from other sources $___________
Source of other income; (ie Centrelink, Casual Wage.)____________________________________

When you view a property take into consideration: it does/does not have locked car accommodation,   The proximity of neighbours?  Fencing suitable?  Does it suit your needs? 

Remember property selection is your call   -    Later is too late for complaints!



  • ID: Drivers licence / 18+ card or passport + Medicare card for positive ID. ( No credit cards)
  • Accounts with current address eg: power, phone, gas, car registration.
  • Proof of income - wage slips for at least the last 2 -3 weeks that are current.
  • Statement of earnings from Centrelink current one.
  • Sign up Money entails 6 times the weekly rent.

You must have the capacity to pay on sign up day (no personal cheques)

: 4wks for Bond + 2wks rent:  in total the equilivant of 6 weeks rent.


I the applicant agree that I accept the property as is.

I agree that this application is subject to the approval of Lessor/Agent and myself (the applicant) completing the condition report prior to the signing of any agreement to rent the property & the agent agreeing to the condition report as signed and returned by myself the tenant.


Procedure after application is handed in:

·         I endeavour to qualify you within 24 hours

·         You are advised and a moving in and sign up and time date is set if approved as applicant

·         If you are applying for a Bond Loan and your application has been approved - do now and make sure it is approved and sent to this office BEFORE sign up otherwise entry cannot be permitted until in place.

·         The TENANT arranges for electricity connection, gas and phone connection.    

        Water meters are read on day of Entry report.

·         It is advised the Tenant arrange for their contents insurance.


Sign up day: this should depending on distance be completed within 3 hours.

·         You come to the office collect the Entry Condition Report and do immediately by ALL parties

·         Return the fully signed report on all pages by all parties to office within an hour or two.

·         Sign the Lease papers and Bond papers

·         Payment of Rent and Bond money

·         Entry to your new abode! 



I the applicant acknowledge that I authorise the agent/Owner to collect information about me from:  Previous letting agents and  landlords: my personal referees: any Tica Default Database which may contain personal information about me. I also authorise the Agent/Owner to disclose details about any defaults by me under the tenancy to which this application relates to any tenancy default database to which it subscribes including Tenancy Information centre of Australia (TICA), National Tenancy Database (NTD) and or trading reference Aust. (TRA)

I authorise the Agent to disclose the personal information collected about me to the owner of the property even if the owner is resident outside Australia and to any third parties – valuers, contractors, sales people, insurance companies, bodies corporate, other agents and tenancy default databases.


Applicants' Name___________________________    ___________________________________


Signatures___________________________   ___________________________ Date____/____/2017



Thank you for your application and attention to detail in filling it out.